The Concept

Linguini Fini is an Italian restaurant rooted in New York culture. That means it's not short of raw American passion with a distinct sense of style and attitude. But that's just the surface stuff. When you dig a little deeper into what we're about, you'll discover the essence of authentic Italian food. It's fresh produce. It's locally-sourced. And 100% home-made.

That's because Linguini Fini is a Homegrown brand. Like all of our restaurants, including the ones in Manila and Hong Kong, it's built on the foundation of sustainability. Not because it's trendy or the latest thing in cuisine. But because we truly believe in the farmers. They help us deliver the highest quality ingredients from farm to fork. They help us sustain the environment so that it can sustain us.

It's no wonder a meal at Linguini Fini is full of flavor. Because Italian food tastes so much better when you know it's pure, real and here for the good of the planet. The proof is in the pasta.